Website creation for the "PGP GROUP"
Website creation for the "PGP GROUP"

Website creation
for the "PGP GROUP"

The group of PGP GROUP companies is engaged in the following activities: construction, design, architecture, interior design, telecommunications and engineering, shipping and logistics.



1. Creation of individual design
2. Development of the informative site (representative site)
3. Synchronization with a single database and managing catalog from 1C

Implementation of the project:

1. Compilation and approval of technical specifications.
2. The creation and adoption of the website structure.
3. Creating and approving the website layout.
4. The creation and approval of individual design.
5. Coding of the approved pages for the following browsers: Google Chrome , FireFox , Opera , Safari.
6. Programming.
7. Testing.
8. Boot the server of the contractor.
9. Testing with the customer.
10. Acceptance of the work, transfer website to the main customer server, transfer control.


As the result was developed website with structured content which provides visitors with all necessary information about the company activities and strengthen its reputation.

FireShot Capture 101 - Галерея - Группа компаний PGP GROUP - http___pgp-group.ru_gallery_.png


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